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How to Root SGH-m919?

Not many people want to root their Android phones, but there are numerous reasons to do so. The user might want to change the theme of their device or enable certain functions that need deeper access to the system. If you are buying a phone, and you want to root it, then sgh-m919 line is the best solution for you.

You want to sgh-m919 or sgh-m919 XL, then you need some tools. Even though there are one-click solutions. Available, but those who are rooting for the very first time, they should choose a manual route.

To root, make sure you have the following things:
  • A PC with an OS of Windows, Linux, or Mac
  • ASD Kit or SDK or Minimal ADB and Fastboot; this tool is found in Windows only. If you don’t have Windows, and you are thinking about installing it, then you don’t have to install the sgh-m919 whole thing. Just make sure you have Android. Debugging Bridge or ADB available, and Fastboot components; these are needed for unlocking the bootloader so that the device can be rooted
  • The latest factory image for your device; sgh-m919 has a codename, and that is walleye.
  • The latest version of Magisk Manager

Initial Setup of the Phone

To sgh-m919, you need to complete the setup of your phone, like setting a pin or password for your phone. Go to settings application and choose System from there, then tap on “About Phone”.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see the option of Build number; tap it 7 times. Use your password or pin number to unlock the developer options to sgh-m919. Go back to the initial menu, and then tap on Developer options.

Here, you will see the option of OEM unlocking; with the help of toggle, enable it. On the same screen, you need to enable the Debugging option the same way, as well as USB debugging; now tap on OK.

Before you go any further, make sure that every piece of information on your phone has been backing up. This is because when you unlock the bootloader, then this most likely to wipe down the hard drive of your phone. If you haven’t backed up anything to your Google Photos or Drive, then it will be gone.

Overview for SGH-m919

root sgh-m919 root sgh-m919 root sgh-m919

The two best options that you can use in this case are Minimal ADB and Fastboot. If you have ever used Android SDK, then you know about the commands.

Now, plug in your phone to your computer, and tap on the option of ADB devices, and make sure that the ADB connection is actually working. Now, follow the steps below:

  • Allow the USB debugging, by clicking OK on the prompt
  • Type adbt reboot bootloader, and the phone will reboot the menu
  • Type fastboot devices, so that you can see whether the connection is working or not
  • Type fastboot flashing unlock; a prompt will come on the screen asking if you want to unlock the bootloader
  • With the help of the volume up button, you can unlock the bootloader
  • Now, you have to reboot your phone, so type fastboot reboot how to sgh-m919?
  • The phone is not rebooting, and you’ll get it as a brand new phone
  • Go through the setup process, and set up a lock screen password or PIN
  • The Magisk Manager APK for sgh-m919 application that you downloaded earlier on your computer, copy it to your phones and then sideload it so that it installs on your device

When you have out the above steps properly, then you have to now launch the Magisk application. Extract the factory image that you downloaded earlier, and then copy the boot.img on your phone. Now, click on Patch Boot Image File, after you run the Magisk application, and then follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Downloads folder, where the factory image is
  • Select the image
  • The application will then generate a modified boot image for the phone, and give you its location
  • Copy that image to your computer
  • Place the file in Minimal ADB and Fastboot
  • Enable Developer Options
  • Enable USB debugging
  • For type adb devices, as this will show you whether the phone is connecting or not
  • Type adb reboot bootloader
  • When the phone is rebooted, type fastboot devices, as this will show you whether the phone is connecting or not
  • Or type the coding; fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img
  • The modified image will appear on your screen
  • Type the coding; fastboot reboot

After that, download the Root sgh-m919 check application, as this will tell you whether it got rooted or not.

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