How to Install TWRP on Android?

How to Install TWRP on Android?

TWRP or Team Win Recovery Project is an app by Team Win. This app is mainly responsible for notifying users, when there is a new version of TWRP for their device. In case a new version is available for download, the user can install it. However, this is for root users only, and they don’t have to reboot to recovery.

If the user grants the app root permissions, then they will have access to additional features. On the other hand, this app doesn’t require root to check whether new versions are available or not.

The current version of the app can flash images using the internal storage of the phone. However, soon the team aims to add other storage locations.

There are two ways of downloading this app on your Android. Firstly, this app can be found in Google Play Store. There is also a second way that the user can use to download the app.

SDK Platform File

The first thing that you need to do for this, is to get the Android SDK Platform Tools. Through these tools, you will see three links, and you can choose the download that is with the OS that your computer, laptop, or smartphone is using. The main file of Android SDK Platform-tools would be zipped; so, before using it make sure to unzip it.


To download the app, the user can go to the TeamWin website. On the website, they will see a button called “Devices”; tap on that button. Now, you have access to the list of TWRP file for your device, and you can search it by using the search bar. When you get access to the right device, go to the section that is “Download Links”, and there are two categories to choose from. One category is Europe, and the other category is America. When you have clicking on the link for your region, you will get access to a set of files that you can download, and then choose the latest TWRP.img file, available on the page; download that file.

SDK Platform Tool Extraction

Go to the folder where you the zip file, and then extract files from it. Copy the previously downloaded TWRP.img file, directly to the SDK Platform Tools folder. Now, the next step is to unlock the developer options. For this, go to the Settings page of your device, and click on the About Phone option. This page will then take you to another page, where you can find information about your device.

At the bottom of this page, you will see the option of “Build number”, tap on it. However, make sure to tap seven times, so that the developer options gets unlocked. Once the options are unlocked, click on the Back button, and then tap the developer options again.

The first option that you see on this page is “USB debugging”; use the toggle to turn on these settings. Secondly, on the same page you will see the option for OEM unlocking; use the toggle to enable this setting as well. The device will ask you for your security key to make sure that no one else is messing with your device’s settings.

The device will also warn you that unlocking this how to install TWRP on android option means disabling the protection feature on your phone. If you unlock the bootloader, then that will delete the files on your phone, which is why it is best to make a backup first.

Device and Computer

The next step is to connect the device to the computer, using a USB-C or micro USB. Then, you need to open a command window, which you can access by opening the SDK platform-tools folder on the computer. Just press shift and right-click; a menu will appear in front of you. Choose the option of “Open command window here”, and the window will open.

Type the following coding

Adb devices

Adb reboot bootloader

(Press enter now)

Fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

Then, type in the command window, the following line:

Fastboot boot twrp.img

Now the device will begin to boot, and the TeamWin logo can be seen on the screen. The app will start to install, and it will take hardly 2-5 minutes. Now the user can backup, wipe and even install whatever they want to on their phone.

The reason why most people don’t download the app directly from Google Play Store is that they have some issues with the app. For example, one user stated that the app didn’t consider them as a subscriber, even though the Play Store confirmed it.

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