Change Emoji On Android

How To Change Emoji On Android?

It is so hard nowadays to finish a conversation, without inserting an emoji. People are unable to fully express their emotions, unless and until they inset emojis in WhatsApp conversations or Twitter posts. In fact, some even stick to talking with the help of emojis, but you really need to understand the meaning of every emoji, to accomplish a textless conversation.

Change Emoji On Android

If you have an Android phone and you want to change emojis on it, them keeping reading this article. By the end of it, you will be fully able to do, what you want.

There is not any non-root method, through which you can change emojis. You can only change them on an app-by-app basis. This means that on each app, you will have to change the settings, as one app setting doesn’t apply to all.

If the Android Oreo device that you have is unrooted, then use the Substratum app. This is mainly used for changing emojis on both WhatsApp and Telegram, without any hassle. For this, you have to plug in the smartphone into a computer, and type ADB commands into it. However, you can get this ADB commands on any website, and it would be a piece of cake in the end.

Rooted Device

In case you have a rooted device, then the emojis can be changed on a system level. Even though the method I am going to tell you is what most people use, not everyone has the ability to root their device. In case you want to root your device, then you can easily get a tutorial from Google.

There is a root app, Emoji Switcher that you need to download. You can find this app on Play Store, install it, open it, and give it root access. Tap the drop-down box, and choose the new emojis that you want on your phone. The app will download the emojis; reboot your Android, and you will then be able to see and use the new emojis.

iPhone emojis

Do you like iPhone emojis, but can’t get them in your Android phone? Well, it is very easy to do, and all you have to do is download an app. Choose an emoji app, which you think would be safe to install on the Android or you can try an emoji app that is very popular.

Go to the Play Store, and type “emoji keyboards Apple”; when you type these keywords, then the emoji keyboards that are really close to iPhone’s emojis will appear on the screen. Some of these apps include Facemoji, Kika Keyboard 2019, and Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons.

When you have downloaded an emoji app, go to the phone’s Settings, System, then tap on Language & Input, virtual keyboard, and manage keyboards. From there, you will be able to choose the keyboard you have downloaded.

While emojis on old Android phones are a little tricky, the new Android versions support all the latest emojis. If you don’t see emojis on your keyboard from the start, then go to Settings, tap on Language and Input, and then pick the Google Keyboard. Tap on Preferences or in some phones, Advanced, and then turn on the emoji option.

However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of changing keyboards or exploring your phone’s settings, then you can simply activate SwiftKey. This could be helpful when the user is using social media. However, if they are texting and want the latest emojis on their phone, then they should get the Textra app, which will replace the texting app in your Android.

Textra has all the latest emojis that you would want to send your friends, and it has add-ons as well, which will show emojis in iOS style how to change emoji on android?. This way, if your friend has iOS and you have Android, then there will be no confusion in what emoji you have exchanged.


1) How do you turn yourself into an emoji?

It might sound hilarious and impossible, but Samsung has made it possible! People can now turn themselves into emojis. First, open the Camera app, tap on More, then on AR Zone, and then AR Emoji Camera. After that, tap on the Settings icon, and choose the Plus icon, through which you can turn yourself into an emoji.

2) Can I update emojis on Android?

You can easily update emojis on Android if you use the EmojiCompat support library option. This way, you don’t even have to wait for an update.

3) Does the new version of Samsung have new emojis?

The new version of Samsung, 9.5, is supposed to have new emojis, and so does Samsung Experience or Samsung One UI.

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